Wednesday, July 22, 2009

MarketSaw is at Comic-Con!

Hi everyone, Michael here. As of about 3:30 pm the line for Thursday's Hall H events is already at least 150 plus, with groups of people waiting underneath tents or with blankets and sleeping bags.

Many of the chairs are unoccupied, so it seems people are taking turns waiting in line, or holding seats for people who have not yet arrived. So the actual number of people holding spaces could be 300 or even higher.

And, yes, I spotted lots of Twilight shirts, and one of the Comic-Con staff asked me if I was looking for the "Twilight line." However, I did talk to a few people while waiting in line for my badge who were at Comic-Con for Avatar. One of them could barely contain her excitement for it.

Stay tuned to MarketSaw for the very latest from CC09!

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