Thursday, July 30, 2009

World's First 3D Public Service Announcement Delivers

Jim here. I was invited to a special screening yesterday at Empire Theatres for the world's first stereoscopic 3D public service announcement. Sound boring? Well, it wasn't. The PSA was written and directed by James Stewart of Toronto's Geneva Film Company for the Tema ConterMemorial Trust. James and I have known each other for awhile and this time he really delivered - the 60 second spot had the difficult task of presenting an awareness message about Post Traumatic Stress in the lives of Emergency Workers.

To tell you the truth I was thinking that it will be very challenging to show this to a movie going audience and resonate in an appropriate fashion - its tricky. One thought going through my mind was to show a firefighter or similar emergency worker doing his/her job through the day, but at night show the effects of the stress they are under.

James took it a step beyond that by using children dressed up as police officers, firefighters and paramedics discussing their dreams of having those careers when they grow up - but also having them discuss the problems they might incur too like post traumatic stress, lack of sleep, etc. - very real adult situations. It worked extremely well. I was moved by the thing and it is only 60 seconds!

I want to thank James for the invitation as well as Empire Theatres for the facilities. These awareness messages are very important for the public and certainly draws attention to this worthy cause.

Here is that 60 second PSA that helps bring awareness of the sacrifice that emergency workers and their families make by serving their community:

If you have a worthy cause that would like to get its message out using stereoscopic 3D for movie going audiences, contact me through the "Contact Me" form below.

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