Friday, August 07, 2009

AVATAR DAY Update - Could Be Some Disappointments

Jim here. Well I am disappointed with today's developments - apparently Fox has confirmed to various theater owners that the special 15 minutes of AVATAR material will only be screened in Digital IMAX locations, except for very large centers which will have a print version. What this means is that some small to medium size cities (like where I live) will NOT be able to see anything on AVATAR DAY because if they have an IMAX screen (typically only one), it could be an IMAX film location.

You read that right. My location in Nova Scotia, Canada will NOT be seeing anything on AVATAR DAY. We have the better IMAX film screen here. It is unclear if we will receive a RealD version - but it is unlikely.

Toronto will have a special IMAX Print version made, and so I expect top ten cities in the US will as well.

If you have information on what is going on in your community let me know. Unless IMAX has solved the resolution issue with IMAX Digital screens, this is pretty much disappointing news all around. Looks like a cost saving measure to me - not the time to be doing this in my opinion when this is the single most important marketing tool being used thus far for AVATAR. We will keep you updated as soon as we hear it.

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