Monday, August 31, 2009

Disney To Buy Marvel!! 3D Live Action And Cartoon Carnage To Ensue!

Jim here. Wow. Mega deal here and full of ramifications! Marvel is being acquired by The Walt Disney Company for a reported $4 billion in stock and cash, pending regulatory approvals. With it, Disney gets over 5000 characters to work with and future distribution rights (after current deals are completed).

Disney always seems to snag the perfect entertainment fish at the perfect time - first Pixar and now Marvel with the latter just starting to now get movies under their feet. The timing couldn't be better.

From CNN: "If Marvel shareholders approve the deal, they would receive $30 per share in cash and 0.745 shares of Disney for each share of Marvel that they hold. The deal is valued at $50 per Marvel share, more than a 29% premium, based on Friday's closing price.

Disney said it will issue about 59 million shares as a result of a deal, but it will repurchase as many shares over the course of the 12 months following the deal's closing."

What does this mean for us? Well I can assure you Disney is still head over heels in love with stereoscopic 3D and the addition of Marvel's vault will significantly enhance the prospect of an explosion of 3D content from the mouse house.

Further, you can expect a great deal of collaboration between Pixar and Marvel divisions! What a great pairing! Of course Pixar has pledged to all future tentpoles being 3D so it is only a matter of time before we are treated to some awesome cartoon carnage.

Spider-man and his super hero friends in live action 3D too? Can't wait! :-) Marriage made in heaven.

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