Friday, August 14, 2009

First Official Shot from Avatar! Plus Part 2 of LA Times Interview

UPDATE 08/15/09: Our good friend G@BRIEL GR@Y chimed in in the comments section to let us know that this shot is a composite. It doesn't exist in the movie itself. And he confirms that this is indeed Norm Spellman's (David Joel Moore's) avatar in the tank. But it is still an "official shot." The Avatar marketing team are really good at keeping us guessing, aren't they?

Michael here. This Icelandic movie site has what appears to be the first official shot from Avatar.

Click here for the full size version

Also, check out Part 2 of Geoff Boucher's interview with James Cameron to read Cameron's opinions on the new Star Trek, Tranformers 2, and the work he has done with WETA to leave the uncanny valley in the rear-view mirror.

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