Wednesday, August 26, 2009

More Breathtaking Avatar Pics - Amazing Jungle Shot, Neytiri & More

Michael here. Thanks so much to our reader David from France for sending these beautiful pictures. I agree completely with what he says below:

Hi Michael. I'm David, a french Avatar fan. I bought the latest issue of our "Empire like" french magazine called "Studio Ciné-Live". And, as they do sometimes for other movies, they published world exclusive pics of AVATAR. So I took some pictures and decided to send them to you guys, knowing that you would hardly find them anywhere else. Plus, some of them are GORGEOUS, the pic of Pandora with Jake and Sigourney's AVATAR proves once again how much photo realistic Pandora is (I mean look at those details !!!).

Gorgeous is absolutely right. I think that picture of Pandora will do a lot to silence those who think that the Pandoran jungles are too Earthlike during the daytime. The amount of design work, technical achievement, and sheer beauty on display in that shot is stunning.

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