Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Quick Post: Venice Film Festival Creates 3D Prize

Michael here. I am very pleased by the news that the Venice Film Festival has added a sideline award for "the most creative feature film among those in Stereoscopic 3D produced between September 2008 and August 2009."

The winner will be decided by a three-person panel made up of Italian director Nadia Ranocchi, U.S. film historian Dave Kehr, and U.S. film critic Scott Foundas.

Filmmakers worldwide have been pushing the boundaries of stereoscopic 3D in service of their unique creative visions, and critical acknowledgement is important. This award points to how 3D is gaining respect as a novel yet powerful new tool in the filmmaker's arsenal.

Also, Toy Story 3D and Toy Story 2 3D will be premiering at the festival as part of a celebration honoring Pixar genius John Lasseter with the Golden Lion Lifetime Achievement award.

The 66th Venice Film Festival will run from September 2 to 12.

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