Tuesday, September 15, 2009

3D Game Review: RESIDENT EVIL 5

Jim here. Got some rather cool 3D gaming news to share - My friends over at IGN posted their Resident Evil 5 for the PC review and has given it a very nice score of 9.3! This is a higher score than the console version received! The editor who reviewed it loved the graphics, the upgraded mercenaries mode and the new 3D Vision feature.

IGN compared the game in all formats and the PC version came out on top.

Here is what they had to say: ...However, if you do happen to have a 120Hz monitor and you have the Nvidia 3D vision glasses, you're definitely in for a serious treat. RE5 was designed to fully take advantage of 3D, and it doesn't disappoint, rendering Chris and Sheva in a way that provides them with the visual illusion of weight and mass as they move through their environments instead of being flat 2D images onscreen. Objects and enemies also appear to pop out of the screen during certain segments of the game as well, piercing the digital "fourth wall" with a sense of negative depth that is quite incredible. Once you see the slithering worms of the first boss of the game seemingly drip through the screen at your face, you'll know you're seeing something special. Since you're able to tailor the perception of the depth to your personal taste, you can also adjust how much of an impact the 3D has, which allows you to make the experience fully subjective to your tastes. While not everyone with a PC may have the gear to take advantage of the 3D, it's extremely easy to enable, and RE5 provides two benchmark tests to help you configure your experience. If you have the means, definitely check out the game like this – you'll enjoy the experience.

RE5 is actually better looking on the PC, and if you happen to have the equipment, playing in 3D is an excellent experience.

I think that is a pretty clear, ringing endorsement of 3D gaming on the PC through NVIDIA's 3D Vision. Can't wait to get mine set up - should have it shortly!! Let the reviews begin on MarketSaw :-)

Found this clip on YouTube too - Enjoy the preview ...

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