Monday, September 28, 2009

Exclusive Source: AVATAR Trailer Coming Soon And What To Expect...

Jim here. Spoke with one of my top sources of AVATAR material and he has some news regarding the upcoming AVATAR promotional material that is due soon.

Here is what he had to say: "Well Jim there are more trailers than I can count on 2 hands. (TV spots) (featurettes) (Ubisoft promo reels) etc, etc, and yes "exclusive" content will be available on".

He also confirmed what we have been thinking for some time now - the next trailer will feature "more than 3 lines of dialogue" :-) and further, Stephen Lang and Sigourney Weaver will have heavier exposure as will the Na'vi.

But out of all the news - this is what I find the most interesting: We will see glimpses of future Earth and with the "Story Trailer" in particular we will see some of the "incredible performance that Sam Worthington gives as Jake". Pandora's night life will also play a role.

He reiterated that of course this could all change on a dime given the track record of getting media pieces out to the masses, but this is what he has seen.

As far as when the next trailer will makes its debut: "I have no solid date to give you on the 2nd trailer front other than to say that it is coming *soon*"

We can be pretty sure that this trailer will debut online folks. Keep and on your favorite toolbar! This should be GREAT :-)

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