Tuesday, September 15, 2009

James Cameron's BATTLE ANGEL Update: A 14 Year Old ANGEL OF DEATH!! Tests Continue!!

Jim here. Got some news from one of my top sources in the Cameron camp and man oh man does BATTLE ANGEL ever sound Kick. Ass.

On what is happening right now for ANGEL:
Make no mistake this is the movie your website will be pursuing in time to come. The tests are "Beautiful" and "Complex" beyond your wildest dreams. Stunningly beautiful, considering the fact that some are old(ish). Imagine this for a second. A cyborg chick "the Angel of Death" taking out "a lot" of other part man, part machine type "people".

We do indeed plan on staying with Cameron believe us! AVATAR is the training ground for BATTLE ANGEL and I can't wait to see the ideas he has for it.

On what those tests contain:
Now picture the "Angel of Death" looking like a child. a 14 year old. Now imagine this, this little girl goes through these guys like butter. Did you see the KICK-ASS trailer? Well imagine that girl via the Matrix via Ghost in the shell, via AI. "Remember the True Lies bathroom brawl?" Well take out Arnold, and "copy and paste" Bruce Lee on acid via the Terminator. as seen through the eyes of a sweet innocent 14 year old cyborg girl. And all of this done via the mind of James Cameron, Holy shit what is not to love? The lights flicker and shit hits the fan. Awesome stuff.

With performance capture and CG anything is possible. That includes using an underage actor in very VERY violent scenes. This would be cutting edge stuff and who better to pull it off?

On Angel's future: You will be hearing the phrase "Angel of death" a lot in time to come. At least judging from the level of involvement now. I bet Angel will go green soon. The only thing I can see setting back Angel is Avatar. And you know why that is don't you.

ANGEL OF DEATH is a potential alternative title as it is what she is also known as. But I think BATTLE ANGEL will stick. AVATAR has potential sequels written all over it of course and that may be the next project for Cameron depending on studio and audience pressure after the massive response to AVATAR is felt. But you can count on BATTLE being made, big time.

Obviously casting for Angel is key. I am curious to know who you think would make a great Battle Angel? Choices are limited as the character is only 14 years old, but I have a few ideas. I had heard rumors that Cameron already has his Angel - but that was some time ago. Haven't heard anything since.

And we know from a MarketSaw exclusive interview with designer James Clyne that there is a VERY real possibility of BATTLE having some gladiatorial aspects of future sports and a wide social gap of the "have and have nots". And further that BATTLE ANGEL will have many different looks (new faces, bodies, and outfits) as she evolves in the movie. We learned from yet another MarketSaw exclusive interview with Mark Goerner that the movie follows and even amplifies Kishiro's original vision of BATTLE ANGEL.

Other stereoscopic 3D projects to watch that may closely resemble BATTLE ANGEL are APHRODITE IX and Spielberg's GHOST IN THE SHELL. All of them have young female cyborgs kicking some serious butt. Interesting how they line up after something that catches Cameron's eye.

I am thrilled to learn that Cameron is still doing tests for BATTLE. These tests are very, VERY secure - but we have the best sources on the planet so YOU get the updates! Stay here with MarketSaw for the latest and greatest on all things James Cameron AND 3D.

Second photo courtesy of Allison Rose. The model is Riki Le Cotey.

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