Monday, October 19, 2009

3D Geek Alert: Sony's New 360 Degree 3D Display - No Glasses Needed

Jim here. Well - what the heck is it? According to Sony it is a 360 degree 3D display that users can view objects without 3D glasses (so probably some sort of lenticular lens arrangement). Further, it doesn't matter where you are looking at it from - so multiple viewers can watch at the same time.

It is a prototype so you won't be able to buy it any time soon, however I can see many applications for this little device - gaming for example. Perhaps a snow globe style PSP? :-) Potential commercial applications include medical imaging and advertising.

It measures 10.6 inches tall by 5.1 inches in diameter, supports 24 bit color, and has a resolution of a small 96x128 pixels. The device is set to be unveiled on Thursday, October 22 in Tokyo at the Digital Contents Expo 2009.

I think Sony is defining a new breed of appliance here. Until such time as much larger units can be built for living room floors, it could certainly be used in 3D gaming. Thanks Matt for the heads up!

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