Monday, October 12, 2009

Avatar Images from "Pandorapedia" iPhone App!

Second UPDATE 10/13/09: Michael here. I received the following from someone working on Avatar's marketing:

The pictures are early concept arts of PandoraPedia and don't show the final product. Flickr is a simple solution as a presentation platform. We will delete the pictures soon. The content in the pictures is from Fox and Weta Digital but don't show final material too. PandoraPedia on is not part of the marketing. Fox will present the complete world of Pandora and PandoraPedia with the release of Avatar: The Game.

UPDATE 10/13/09: Michael here. A trusted source tells us that these images are mockups:

Just saw your latest post. I think the iphone images are only beta mockups -- the body text is random and bears no relationship to the heading text. The ze'bu creature looks like one of ours, but I don't know if the Na'vi name is valid. The banshee creature also looks good, but the Na'vi name is not the one shown. The parts of the 17 images are all cross-linked, rather than showing new small images. The whole thing looks like a mockup to me.

He also tells us the following regarding Pandora's six-limbed creatures:

Just read the post about the latest "Avatar" footage screening. The animal's double front legs don't move exactly the same way. There is a reason (classified) why the animals have 6 limbs and the Na'vi have 4. And if you look closely at the "lemur", its upper arms are single, they only split into two for the lower arms. There is a reason for this too. JC has a reason for everything in "Avatar."

**SAME DAY UPDATE: Michael here. Fox has requested that I remove the images and link.***

Michael here. Thanks to Ronnick for pointing out this Flickr account that contains images that appear to be from the Pandorapedia.

We get our first look at the birdlike Ze'Bu creature, some new concept art showing off Pandoran wetlands, and more courtesy of screenshots of a Pandorapedia iPhone App with a 3D navigational matrix interface.

I can't wait to replace the Earth on my iPhone screen with Pandora, and to really start digging into the world Cameron has created. I am continually impressed by the creativity and talent that is being poured into everything Avatar related. This iPhone App looks to be superbly designed, and of course the Pandorapedia itself is a mammoth undertaking that when released will prove to be an awesome resource for both Avatar fans and those working on Avatar tie-in projects such as games and books.

The App does not seem to be available for download yet, but keep your eyes peeled.

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