Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Breaking AVATAR News!

Jim here. Got a lot of AVATAR updates here (some are time sensitive) so let's get to it!

1. At NOON today, Fox will release a fully interactive AVATAR trailer utilizing Adobe Air technology. Techland got the goods on this one - the trailer will be available on AVATARMOVIE.COM. It will contain profiles on Jake and Neytiri and also designs for the Samson, Banshee, Scorpion, Thanator and AMP Suit. The following clip is from that new trailer technology (thanks Jsayson15!):

2. A matte painter who works for Weta in Wellington just confirmed that they have finished the final remaining shots: Of course you heard it here first :-) They did indeed hoist a drink to celebrate - champagne (thanks Shletten!).

3. The new higher resolution thanator chase scene with James Horner's music courtesy of IGN:

4. And lastly, as some of the work for AVATAR is winding down to a halt we have a personal rebuttal to some of the old negative words that have been said about this epic project. This is straight from a creative employee on the AVATAR team and from the heart:

Are your feelings towards AVATAR really your own? Or, are they biased in any way? It really is a shame that you find the need to insult us time after time, rather than wait to see if the insults you throw at us hold any justification. Every aspect of this movie has been poured over by the most talented people in the business. Why? "Hopefully" for your eventual enjoyment. So I am writing to you directly in the hope of reaching that part of you that can understand where I am coming from. If you had put in the hours, days, months and years in on a project that you knew was groundbreaking, and would change the way future movie makers would be able to get projects from mind to page to screen, not to mention have created what I consider to be a genuine classic in the process. Would you not feel that little bit justified in defending your work?

So please consider the many thousands of people that have all come together to create this for your festive enjoyment. I think rather than criticism, your articles "Devin`s in particular" are more geared towards insulting a lot of talented people, and do not from what I gather contain any valid arguments. At least not until you have seen it. So why not just wait and see?

We await proving you entirely wrong in your... ahem "criticism"

Yes the hype has been huge, but in that very rare case, this time it is justified. By all means don't believe me. "I'm sure you will not" see for yourself. But please try not to insult the people that work for your enjoyment. I guarantee you this is on a scale never seen before. Oh and it delivers on the hype. In spades. I can not wait for the world to witness the revolution. This is James Cameron's masterpiece. I do not say those words lightly, anyone even slightly familiar with Jim's filmography knows that is a bold statement.

It is isnt it.


The Thundersmurf.

Interesting. Over to you Devin?

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