Thursday, November 26, 2009

BSkyB Orders A Dedicated S3D Broadcast Truck From Telegenic

Jim here. In the first of many such deals for the broadcast industry (this one is in the UK), BSkyB has ordered a truck specifically designed for stereoscopic 3D from Telegenic.

Further, the S3D camera rigs are potentially being bought from 3ality Digital of Burbank, CA.

From The 3D part of the truck build will centre on providing gallery space for stereographers and the addition of tools for handling and synchronising two full-resolution signals at the same time.

“We will use one stereographer per camera system,” explained Lenz. “These operators set the 3D convergence point using a specially set up screen and control 3ality’s Stereo Image Processor system that drives the 3D cameras. The director cuts the cameras watching on a 3D screen”.

Lenz said that as 90% of the truck will feature regular HD capable components, it will cost only “marginally more” to build than a standard HD truck. Included will be a Calec audio desk, two Sony SRW-5800 VTRs, up to four EVS replay servers and a graphics system from Vizrt.

The 3ality 3D camera rigs are being trialled this week at the ATP World Tour Finals tennis event at the O2 Arena in London.

Awesome! Capital investment in broadcast S3D is starting folks :-)

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