Friday, November 06, 2009

Eminem Starring And Producing SHADY TALEZ In 3D

Jim here. Rapper Eminem will be stepping up to 3D with a new horror film entitled SHADY TALEZ which appears to have a great deal of forward momentum. Booked as a CREEPSHOW meets THE TWILIGHT ZONE, it's writing pedigree is interesting with Dallas Jackson (I, ROBOT) and Kevin Grevioux (UNDERWORLD) co-writing.

I think the mix is very appealing - and I am hopeful for a new twist on horror here. Rap music mixed in as part of the story certainly would belong in that category. This is Eminem's first movie in 7 years, after 8 MILE.

Says Screen Daily: SHADY TALEZ is also being turned into a four-issue comic book series due out in 2010 under the Marvel Icons imprint that Jackson and Grevioux are writing together.

Looks like this will get done! Love it. Horror has gotten a huge boost with 3D and now this interesting premise... Very curious about what they have come up with.

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