Monday, November 09, 2009


Jim here. I am not a country music fan of any measure - but I do like listening occasionally. I am not as in tune with Kenny Chesney as others are obviously as the man has sold a million concert tickets a year for 8 years running now.

20 cameras followed him over this past summer on tour and captured his concerts.
Sony (distributing through Hot Ticket) expects to see the concert out in 750 3D screens in April 2010.

It took long enough to find a photo of him that didn't want to make me gag (obviously he is playing it up for the women). I will say he looks a LOT like Yul Brynner in WESTWORLD if you ask me... "DRAW."

From USA Today: The film will feature more than Chesney's stage show. Before his June concert at Pittsburgh's Heinz Field, for example, Chesney took the 3-D cameras to a houseboat on the Ohio River. "We did a 35-minute show with all the tailgaters, right on the water. Unless you're down there, nobody gets to see that."

He also could win a record-setting fifth entertainer-of-the-year award. He's tied with Garth Brooks with four wins, but admits he likes the idea of having the record to himself.

All the power to him.

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