Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Rule Number 1: Always Shoot Zombie Films In 3D!!

Jim here. I am not alone in loving ZOMBIELAND this year right guys? It was so refreshing to see some comedic originality involved with the George Romero influenced undead genre. So what's up with ZOMBIELAND 2? There has got to be a sequel in the works right?

In 3D. Ruben Fleischer (director) spoke with Moviehole and confirmed that Sony (which has been going 3D gangbusters lately) has indeed expressed undying interest in reuniting Woody Harrelson (PERFECT casting), Emma Stone, Jesse Eisenberg (meh - he was okkkk...) and Abigail Breslin for the franchise.

From Moviehole:
Believing “the genre really lends itself to [3-D]”, and convinced - via what we’re hearing and seeing of AVATAR – the technology is now there, Fleischer’s very keen to throw a few zombie gizzards in our direction. "Dead" cool, right!? (As for where the sequel will be set, Fleischer didn’t say, but when we chatted to Woody Harrelson a few weeks back he said he’d like to see it either set in Paris… or on Broadway. Assuming it’ll be none of those locations– but somewhere just as surprising).

When I was watching ZOMBIELAND I was certain that this should have been made in S3D!
Nice to see they are thinking the same way now. They have got to get another great cameo in there like they did with Bill Murray. If you haven't seen it by now - sorry, but the cat is out of the bag on that one some time ago :-) Perhaps they could land someone like Sean Connery - he would make a heckuva zombie.

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