Wednesday, December 02, 2009

AVATAR Box Office Predictions!

Jim here. Well - estimates are starting to make their rounds. $250 million for domestic box office is the latest target; I think that is off somewhat.

I am moving my original projection for opening weekend from $95 million to $110 million. I just happen to believe that Fox is being very successful in getting the word out now for AVATAR and I hear people talking about EVERYWHERE. It's awareness is shooting like a rocket.

And in the end I see AVATAR taking in $330 million domestically. I dearly want AVATAR to surpass TRANSFORMERS: REVENGE OF THE FALLEN ($402m) and I could very well change my mind again if awareness for Pandora keeps hitting higher layers of atmosphere.

FYI: AVATAR is closing the Dubai Film Festival
that is running December 9 to 16. A little dessert for the desert! :-) They could use some good news over there.

The image is from THE ART OF AVATAR Book via AICN. Some very cool scans from the book there - check it out!

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