Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Peter Berg Talks Stereoscopic 3D For BATTLESHIP!

**UPDATE Dec 3 - Check out the awesome write up about Latino Review's trip aboard a Destroyer with Berg. Turns out George moves his Battleship pieces during the game too... :-)

Jim here. I will be one of the first to admit: "How are they going to pull this movie off?" I mean the game itself would be very hard to make into a movie - but the BRAND is worth a ton of awareness from the get-go. So I certainly get why there is a push to make this movie.

Now the director, Peter Berg (HANCOCK) is
talking stereoscopic 3D - at least for select scenes: "... he is thinking about shooting some of the film's scenes in 3-D, he is also considering IMAX) as well as a tease of his next project -- his much discussed adaptation of the Afghanistan war novel Lone Survivor."

Cool. While I am still struggling a bit with the premise of the movie, I know that sweeping ocean vistas with a huge battleship to focus on in 3D would look amazing. Thanks for the heads up Adam!

Source: IGN

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