Friday, October 16, 2009

New AVATAR Photo And Pandora Will Open To 3000 3D Screens

Jim here. Courtesy of THR, we now have relatively good numbers for the release of AVATAR on 3D screens: 3000 in 2700 theaters. And they even wager an opening of $75 million.

And... they are off. By quite a margin. My tally for AVATAR on opening weekend using the figure of 3000 3D screens is closer to $100 million and I will set it at $95 million. But I would not be surprised if it breaks $100 million.

Here is why my numbers differ from THR's: 3D premium pricing. I intend on seeing AVATAR twice on opening weekend AT A MINIMUM. Both times in 3D - RealD and IMAX. That's at least $6 more than other 2D movies wouldn't get. I won't be alone. AVATAR is going to hit and it is going to HIT HARD. Repeat business will be staggering. Personally I think it will out perform TRANSFORMERS 2 on opening weekend but I can't publically give figures for that - too emotional I think! What I can lucidly predict is $95 million, so I will stick with that.

I am curious what you think! What will AVATAR's take be at the box office opening weekend and why?

Awesome photo by the way too. You know proportionately, that weapon is HUGE. Jake's avatar is 9 or 10 feet tall, so you do the math! Would like to see a human try and pick that thing up.

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