Sunday, December 27, 2009

Avatar has Biggest 2nd Weekend Ever!

Update 12/29/09: Avatar broke the record for biggest 2nd weekend, taking in $75.617 million. It also grossed $19.4 million on Monday, beating its previous Monday. Wow!

Michael here. The estimate for Avatar's 2nd weekend is $75 million, which is only a 2.6% drop from last weekend, and less than a million dollars behind The Dark Knight's record for biggest 2nd weekend. We'll have to see what the final numbers are, but it seems Avatar could take this record if it has a strong Sunday.

"Outstanding" is perhaps the best way of describing Avatar's box office performance. It looks like it has a very solid chance of beating Transformers 2's gross to become the domestic highest earning movie of 2009, and a billion worldwide is also in its sights.

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