Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Roundtable Discussion With: Cameron, Bigelow, Jackson, Reitman, Tarantino And Daniels

Jim here. Right off - let me share with you the best part of the whole THR clip: Quentin Tarantino swipes half of Peter Jackson's glass of water; the look on Jackson's face is immeasurable!! (at about the 2 minute mark)

Other than that obvious piece of funny business, the group of six directors have a great conversation and well worth the time to watch it:

Next, you can click through here and here to see a couple other clips from the same table - and I will say that Reitman comes across here as a very charming director and clearly influenced by his father (not a bad thing). Would have loved to hear Cameron and Reitman discuss 3D though :-)

Interesting how Tarantino is not interested AT ALL in digital filmmaking and wants to stick with his 35mm. Probably not that surprising though as he is a purist and loves the nostalgia of film. Good luck at the awards guys!

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