Thursday, January 07, 2010

3D Shorts: New ALICE IN WONDERLAND Pic and... Robocop 3D On Hold?

Jim here. Its about time Disney gave us more ALICE IN WONDERLAND!! :-) Joking. The exposure has been good so far - keep it up.

Click image to enlarge.

Johnny Depp seems to be bugging out! I have got a sneaking suspicion that Burton is going to have fun freaking us out with the Mad Hatter's eyes. Should be fun!


Next up? Darren Aronofsky is getting 3D cold feet apparently! As you may know already, Aronofsky was to helm ROBOCOP and it was thought to be shot in stereoscopic 3D. Mary Parent made it abundantly clear that MGM wants it in S3D and generally the purse strings talk loudest. And to be fair - she's right!

But along comes Aronofsky and reports that he is against such plans. From's source: "But, as you know, Darren Aronofsky is a real artist and he's not interested in gimmicks like 3D, CGI, Filming digital, he wants to do everything as real (organic) as possible just like THE FOUNTAIN."

LOL - I would hardly call that being a real artist, maybe old school. So let me get this straight. This guy wants to shoot a modern SciFi movie WITHOUT CGI? I can see maybe old school lenses on film, ok... but NO CGI? Even Michael Bay is laughing at that one. The cost would be prohibitive of course.

Man this movie would be perfect for motion capture. What is he thinking? Then again, maybe the report is wrong. In which case - get on with it! :-)

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