Wednesday, January 13, 2010

DRIVE ANGRY: More Details On Nicolas Cage's 3D Thrill Ride

Jim here. Our good friend Steve over at Collider had a chance to sit down with DRIVE ANGRY producer Mike De Luca. The movie is a Nicholas Cage vehicle (pun intended) and is directed by MY BLOODY VALENTINE's Patrick Lussier.

What it boils down to is that DRIVE ANGRY will be an in-your-face 3D thrill ride in a very similar vein as MY BLOODY VALENTINE was (same writers too). So if you must use the term gimmicky (*shudder*), you can use it here - but just barely.

Here is what De Luca had to say about the movie: 'It’s hyper pulpy. It’s kind of like hyper-pulp, just kind of blood drenched, heavy, heavy car chase action that if you’re a fan of early Shane Black scripts. If you’re a fan of from the 70’s Two Lane Blacktop or Vanishing Point and you’re a fan of Dust ‘Til Dawn or Sin City, this kind of like glorious exhiltation of pulp movie-making. It aspires to be in that cannon, so that’s my torch way of describing why I’m excited by it because I like all those things. And Drive Angry to me had a blend of things I liked about Two Lane Blacktop and Duel and Vanishing Point and things I loved about Dust ’til Dawn and things I loved about Sin City. And where we’re not as opulent as some of those films, we’re trying to be of that spirit.'

And on the brand of 3D employed:
'Well, of course these are the writers and the same directors of My Bloody Valentine, so it’s designed to…we’re not the high minded 3D of James Cameron. We’re the low 5, very fun, in your face kind of exploitation 3D.'

I think we are in for a thrill ride with this sucker and I am looking forward to it! We need a no holds barred 3D release once in awhile and this fits the bill. Cage is capable of pulling off great movies so here's hoping this is one of them! Be sure to read the rest of his interview series

Look for DRIVE ANGRY in S3D theaters February 11, 2011.

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