Thursday, January 14, 2010

EXCLUSIVE: What To Expect From AVATAR's Blu-ray *AND* Can TRON LEGACY Blow AVATAR's 3D Out Of The Theater??

**UPDATE: Jan 15 - To clear up a question on timing, it looks like it is going to be standard protocol for release. I heard back from my source and as far as he knows, first up will indeed be the theatrical version with the potential for some added extensions (perhaps as standalone components). And YES there will be a "director's cut" or extended cut and this is probably coming later if they don't release up front. This was never in doubt. Don't forget that there is tons of room on a Blu-ray!

Jim here. I just got a rather cool inside update from the very same source who gave me the video clip of AVATAR's footage from Comic Con 2009. Time to mull over some rumors and clarifications direct from one of my top, top sources!

- AVATAR 2 will definitely be helmed by James Cameron and no one else, contrary to rumors saying otherwise. The story arcs that are being developed for potential sequels are EPIC. More info coming soon!

- What's on AVATAR's Blu-ray disc? It will obviously be SPECTACULAR! The best of its kind with in depth features, extended and deleted scenes - the movie will be much longer because of it. We know he left a lot of scenes off the theatrical cut to make length commitments. Further, most of these additional scenes will be in the first half of the movie, for example future Earth. Finally it will also clear up a few plot holes like how Tsu'tey got his headset towards the end of the movie, etc.

- What about 2010? What S3D movie should pique our interest the most? Two words: TRON LEGACY - Believe it or not, and I find it hard to believe, but internal word is that TRON LEGACY's 3D will blow AVATAR away. Those were his words. This coming from a guy who is connected and knows a great deal from the inside out about AVATAR. I am struggling with trying to figure out just how TRON plans on topping AVATAR in 3D. The concept art for TRON 2 is incredible apparently. Expect it in our theaters December 17.

Because of what he is saying about TRON LEGACY, I am placing the Disney movie at the top of my MUST SEE 3D 2010 movies guide - look for this soon!

You know I have the best sources on the planet for AVATAR
- therefore, through transitivity, I have the best sources
for the sequels :-) And believe me, the exclusives will be coming soon enough. Think I am kidding? Lightstorm will be hard at work soon for AVATAR 2 as the potential turnaround is only 2 years! Much of the pioneering work has been done with the original movie and the sequels will enjoy the fruits of their labor. I don't have to say it, but - STAY TUNED. :-)

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