Sunday, January 31, 2010

Michael Jackson In 3D Tonight On The Grammys

Jim here. Even though it is in anaglyph, I will give this event its due as it is Michael Jackson after all. Tonight on the Grammy Awards (CBS), Michael Jackson will be remembered by stars and fans alike with the airing of his EARTH SONG in 3D.

You can pick up 3D glasses for the show at Target stores today. There are only 15 million of them available however so if you intend on getting a pair, do it early.

To be clear, this is NOT modern 3D folks.
This is a similar type of experience that was presented at the Super Bowl last year with the MONSTERS VS. ALIENS commercial. I was NOT impressed by the effort and quite frankly sends a confusing message as to what modern 3D is about. However this is not about a movie per se, but rather to remember a great musician - so I am all for that.

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