Thursday, January 21, 2010

New ALICE IN WONDERLAND Featurette: Johnny Depp's The Mad Hatter

Jim here. Quite a few visuals we have seen before, but still nice to see Depp talking about the role for the first time via featurette.

Depp talks about loving the character because all of his emotions are clearly on his sleeve but personally I think it has more to do with Tim Burton ringing him up: "Got another one for you..." :-)

Still, the casting is good. Depp can just about play anything really. If you look at his body of work it is truly quite amazing. I was most taken aback by SWEENEY TODD.

Here is part of what Depp had to say about the Hatter: 'He's mad. He's unpredictable. You see instantly what he's feeling. Like a mood ring, his emotions are very very close to the surface. He's a fascinating character. Being able to play the Mad Hatter and breathe life into that was a dream come true.'

Look for a series of these featurettes from Disney. And look for ALICE IN WONDERLAND in theaters March 5.

ALICE rates as one of my top must sees of 2010! Stay tuned for the 2010 S3D Movie Guide coming out shortly.

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