Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Another Toy Story In 3D? No, Not Pixar... ERECTOR SET 3D Under Construction!

Jim here. LOL! Well, look out. Once marketers get a hold of something it is hard to get them to let go of it. And marketers, toy manufacturers in particular, have gotten a tight grip on S3D lately!

BATTLESHIP, STRETCH ARMSTRONG and TRANSFORMERS to name a few, have all thought S3D. Pixar was right about TOY STORY weren't they?

The manufacturers love it because if the movies are done right it expands their branding very nicely. Profits are good too at times!

So now we hear about ERECTOR SET 3D. Helix Films has teamed up with the Meccano Toy Company (Meccano was AWESOME!) to come up with a stereoscopic 3D movie for the Erector Set brand.

My first thought was "Oh no". But then I realized where they could take this thing. My thinking is strictly conjecture so no point in printing it right now, but I see where they could make a real go of it. Special effects would be very heavy - and Aircraft Aluminum Boy pictured here would have to be involved. Definitely a family fantasy adventure genre too.

Seriously though, I am certainly willing to give it a chance... Will you?

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