Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Panasonic Sets Price for 50 & 54 Inch Viera Plasma 3DTVs

Michael here. A major TV maker has priced a flat panel 3DTV for the first time. Panasonic has announced that its 1080P Viera VT2 series 3DTV sets will be available in Japan on April 23. The 50 inch model, the TH-P50VT, will retail for approximately 430,000 yen, or $4,800. The 54 inch TH-P54VT will cost 530,000 yen, or $5,900.

This is quite expensive, but hopefully we'll see the prices drop fast as competitors enter the fray and the demand for S3DHD in the home increases with high profile 3D Blu-rays such as Avatar.

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