Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Quick Post: Kate Is Confirmed For UNDERWORLD 4 In S3D

Jim here. Variety has confirmed what BloodyDisgusting reported back in August - Kate Beckinsdale will be in UNDERWORLD 4 which will be shot in S3D.

The film is slated for January 21, 2011.

Makes sense to have that star power attached. But according to rumors at BloodyDisgusting, she may want out: Well, sources tell us she's trying to find a way out of the film -- or at least have a smaller role in order to "pass the torch" to one of her kindred (yes, she has not one, but two daughters at this point).

Either way, the franchise will look great in S3D I am sure. Len Wiseman is directing and I am comfortable with where he will most likely take the movie.

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