Sunday, February 14, 2010

TOLDYA! Cameron CONFIRMS That AVATAR 2 Will Journey To Other Polyphemus Moons

Jim here. Thanks to Kostas2 for the heads up on this ultra cool interview with Jim Cameron! Two kids with Na'vi makeup had the chance to briefly speak with Cameron about AVATAR and in particular where the sequels may take place.

Here is what Cameron said at the 1:30m point of the clip:
"About the other moon? I can't say anything about the other moons in the Polyphemus system because that's top secret, because they're going to appear in the sequel".

We had the exclusive news that AVATAR 2 would take place OFF of Pandora back in October 2009. Gotta love our sources!

I have to say that this interview (other than my own of course) is my favorite that Cameron has given on AVATAR. Those kids were VERY GOOD! I think it is safe to say that Michael and I would love to have them on our team!! :-) Be sure to check out their whole clip right here. In 1080p no less!!

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