Thursday, March 25, 2010

Exclusive Update: BLACK FRIDAY 3D

Jim here. Ethan Terra is the president of Blood Worx Films and producer of BLACK FRIDAY 3D and I spoke with him recently about his upcoming movie.

BLACK FRIDAY 3D is about a couple viciously assaulted while vacationing over the Fourth of July weekend; authorities find Diane close to death and take her quickly to the hospital. The local authorities proceed with an in depth search that holds no evidence of the attacker. Diane's older brother Kevin enlists the help of four college friends to seek out the elusive masked murderer. The youths come across a remote lodge that holds pure hellish terror and the friends soon find themselves face to face with the infamous serial killer Tyler Hillburg.

Pre-production starts April 1 and they are already well into Pre-vis and casting. The new director and talent will be announced at Cannes and Monsterpalooza. Ethan says: "The new director is nothing short of legendary and the cast is top rate AMAZING! BF-3D official site will launch next month".

Ethan goes on to elaborate about the movie:
"Black Friday 3D isn't just a horror film. BF 3D mixes say the action of Rambo 1st Blood with an arsenal of creative kills that will satisfy the fans insatiable blood lust, and a non stop compelling story, truly making BF3D the ultimate pop corn slasher!"

Sounds awesome to me.

They will be giving away, well... giveaways *AND* they are going to fly one lucky fan out to Toronto to be killed in the movie!

I know a little something about who else will be in BLACK FRIDAY 3D but I am not at liberty to say a thing. When the time is right - you will know! Keep it right here for exclusive updates on BLACK FRIDAY 3D...

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