Friday, March 19, 2010

THE HANGOVER Sequel Starts Shooting In November, It Will NOT Be In Vegas And It Probably Will Be 3D!!!

Jim here. THE HANGOVER sequel is definitely going to happen - but even more interesting is that director Todd Phillips wants to make it stereoscopic 3D! I asked him about his interest in 3D and specifically about the use of the format for THE HANGOVER - more on that in a moment.

First things first, Todd confirmed to my friend Robin Leach that the sequel is happening and that he is actively writing the script (75% done). The director also revealed that they are going to start shooting at the end of November (subject to talent schedules). Leach also pressed him about the location of THE HANGOVER being Miami, which was never clearly answered.

ALL of the four core cast members are returning.

THE HANGOVER 2 will definitely NOT be set in Las Vegas. Phillips said: "In reality, those gentlemen would never return to Vegas." So true. :-)

The original movie has made $467 million so there is ample energy to get this thing done. Phillips said the original investment to get the movie out was $32 million.

Getting on to 3D Phillips said that he agrees with the statement that "pretty soon everything will be in 3D" and backed that up by saying that its like the older statement that "pretty soon everything will be in color". Further, he said "Why wouldn't you shoot in 3D" and that it was all about restraint. He liked how James Cameron showed the world that it was "not about poking you in the eye but instead it was pulling you in."

I asked him "Would you consider 3D for a comedy?" to which he said "I don't see why every movie is not going to be sure in 3D in the next three or four years..."

Of course I wasn't going to let him off quite so easily so I clarified with "And specifically THE HANGOVER sequel?" Phillips replied that he had actually talked to Jim Cameron about this because it would be the perfect movie to do in 3D. He has some issue with the mobility of the 3D cameras as they shoot with a very loose style, but he is looking into it. Cameron invited him down to show him things that he has been doing and Phillips has totally invested himself in 3D's future!

Here is the full video interview:

Such an amazing thing to hear from him because no one has done a modern 3D comedy and he could be the first to do so starting as early as THIS November! I am totally stoked about this sequel now. SO many things could be done to draw in audiences for THE HANGOVER 2 and imagine the morning after shown actually the way you would see it through an alcohol induced haze LOL.

So what about you guys? Excited about seeing those characters get in some more trouble in 3D? :-)

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