Monday, March 15, 2010

Whew. Finally In Vegas For ShoWest!

Jim here. Finally made it to Las Vegas for ShoWest! I flew out of Boston last night (Sunday night) and the weather was absolutely horrendous. Wind and rain. A jet took out some landing lights on one of the busiest runways at Logan so the plane that I was supposed to be on diverted to Hartford. Finally got on a standby flight to Chicago at least last night and flew to Vegas this morning. My checked luggage is in San Franscisco right now - lets hope it gets here soon!

That's the view from my room. Oh and United upgraded me first class this morning because of the delays (not their fault) which was nice!

Anyway, I am checking in within the hour at the ShoWest media center and getting settled in at the MGM Grand. Michael is getting a room here too tonight so we should be posting more soon from the show. Stay tuned!!

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