Friday, April 09, 2010


Jim here. My friend Steve over at Collider had an opportunity to clarify some interesting points for us about upcoming 3D projects from producer Neal Moritz. Here are the breakdowns:

BATTLE: LOS ANGELES (photo 1) - They are mulling over 3D for the humans vs. aliens project. Moritz claims it to be "an incredible visual experience" and "basically BLACK HAWK DOWN type fighting where they’re not fighting (humans)… they’re fighting aliens". Posters and a trailer will be out this summer with marketing present at Comic-Con.

B:LA is slated for a February 18, 2011 bow in theaters and would be head to head with Cage's DRIVE ANGRY.

GREEN HORNET - Again, they are mulling 3D for this classic character project now played by Seth Rogen.

Sally Menke (INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS) is editing. Moritz describes a fight scene where Kato can see things before they happen (visually as a skill and not supernatural) and can therefore kick some serious butt. Kato was originally played by martial arts legend Bruce Lee. Jay Chou has stepped into the role this time around.

GREEN HORNET will be in theaters December 22, 2010 and would be head to head with NARNIA, TRON: LEGACY, YOGI BEAR and GULLIVER'S TRAVELS.

JACK AND THE GIANT KILLER - We knew that director Bryan Singer was considering 3D for the project, but now it is not a question of if they are doing it, but how. They are thinking about shooting in native 3D, converting it in post, or elements of both (which is an intriguing option in my mind!). The movie is about a war between humans and giants in the setting of the classic "Jack and the Beanstalk" tale.

No release date has been set for JACK.

Stay tuned for more updates as the world turns S3D before our very eyes! :-) And don't forget to check out the whole interview right here.

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