Sunday, April 11, 2010

RealD Projects $200 Million IPO

Jim here. $200 million is a nice round figure and suitably impressive for the 3D projection juggernaut. In its press release revealing the intention on pursuing an Initial Public Offering (IPO) of corporate stock, RealD pegs its technology pervasiveness at 5,300 theaters in 51 countries. Not bad.

On the financial side (which becomes extremely transparent during occasions like this and going forward if they finalize), the numbers point at a loss of $28.8 million last year on revenue of $96 million.

JP Morgan and Piper Jaffray are underwriting the offer.

Impressive piece of news. RealD intends on paying off debt and may relocate funds elsewhere. I think it is a brilliant move as the future of 3D is clearly exploding. Love that JP Morgan is yet again involved on the financial side of a 3D endeavor. They also secured the $700 million for the digital screen rollout which in turn enables 3D deployments.

What's that? When is MarketSaw's IPO? I have an IPOd... Does that count? :-)

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