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MasterImage To Unveil New Multi-Use 3D Glasses at 2010 NAB Show

Jim here. I have been impressed with what I have been seeing from MasterImage of late and I think now is the time to bring up something that I think is an excellent idea: Choice. MasterImage is another 3D projection company in the same business as RealD, Dolby 3D, Xpand, IMAX 3D and others.

As you know, when you go to theaters in most cases you will be given a pair of disposible and recyclable glasses. Others will offer you glasses that you must return at the end of the screening. They are a good solution for the masses. However, there has never before been a choice of glasses offered before by a single vendor. Enter MasterImage.

MasterImage is adding a premium quality set of glasses that may be offered for sale in theaters for patrons who know that they will be seeing future 3D movies and want to own their own pair of glasses. Wholesale price is $5.

The only issue I see that may develop is that customers may deem that they should not have to pay as high a premium for 3D movies if they are bringing their own glasses.
Customers are not savvy to the inner workings of why 3D movies cost more, but they obviously know that the pair of 3D glasses that they get at every screening costs money. If they are eliminating that cost by bringing their own theater-bought glasses... you see where I am going with this.

Then again, it may not happen.
I personally like choice and I feel it is an excellent solution that other 3D projection companies should look at. Of course either way it is ultimately a better environmental solution to reuse than recycle if given a choice. And yes, you can certainly reuse your disposible 3D glasses too, but they are far more flimsy and will not last nearly as long.

Here is their press release:
MasterImage 3D, LLC, a 3D technology company that provides pioneering stereoscopic and autostereoscopic 3D systems, will introduce premium quality, multi-use glasses for their 3D
digital cinema systems at the 2010 NAB Show. The environmentally friendly, high-performance glasses are fitted with the company's advanced, circular polarized lenses. The MasterImage glasses will be available to theater owners worldwide, May 2010, at a market setting list price of $5.00, per pair.

Supported by all six major studios, MasterImage has seen its theatrical market share rise 1200% during the past 18 months because it offers superior digital technologies, along with a cost-effective, ownership-based pricing model. The stylish, reusable glasses do not require batteries and complement the company's single-use offering.

"We are mindful of the environmental benefits afforded by reusable glasses and wanted to offer exhibitors options, so they can select the right product for their needs," said MasterImage's Peter Koplik. "With this new, market setting offer, Master Image will outfit theaters with multi-use glasses at less than one-fourth the cost of what competitors are charging for comparable alternatives."

MasterImage is exhibiting at the 2010 NAB Show in Las Vegas, in the 3D Pavilion, booth SL 4514G, April 12-15. There, the company will showcase the new glasses, along with its pioneering, autostereoscopic mobile display systems.

About MasterImage 3D, LLC
MasterImage 3D is a stereoscopic 3D technology company that provides pioneering 3D solutions for theaters, flat panel displays and handheld devices. With more than 1,400 digital 3D theatre systems installed worldwide, MasterImage offers audiences the best 3D image experience, while providing exhibitors with a compelling ownership-based pricing model. The company's auto-stereoscopic (glasses-free), 3D LCD technology for mobile and electronic devices are the first commercial displays of their kind, and the company's 3D camera ASIC empowers dual camera-equipped devices that enable users to create and share 3D content. The company is gearing up to deploy millions of auto-stereoscopic units with multiple manufactures worldwide. Founded in 2004, the company was recently acquired and capitalized by US-based Symphony 3D Holdings and is now headquartered in Burbank, California.

Keep an eye on these guys. I saw their projection in action at ShoWest and it is excellent. Further, their solution costs ~$30,000 and there is no monthly subscriber fee. Once theater chains own the solution, that's it. I like what I see! They have had a heckuva year.

Oh and if you are at NAB, check out their portable, glasses-free 3D solution! It looks STUNNING.

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