Friday, April 23, 2010

Pixar Announces MONSTERS INC. 2 in 3D And Renames THE BEAR AND THE BOW To BRAVE

Jim here. Disney / Pixar has announced that MONSTERS INC. 2 will be coming our way on November 16, 2012 and since ALL of Pixar's movies will be in stereoscopic 3D indefinitely, so will MONSTERS INC. 2.

The original MONSTERS INC. (2001) earned $62.6 million on its first weekend ($85m in today's dollars) and finally gathered $255.9 million in total ($350m today).

Further, another Pixar movie originally entitled THE BEAR AND THE BOW will have a name change to BRAVE and an updated release date of June 15, 2012. Of course, it will be in S3D as well.

Pixar is the juggernaut of animation
and I see no reason for alarm with these announcements. Nothing but continued success for these guys! Bring it on...

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