Friday, April 16, 2010

Sony's PS3 Update Will Include 3D Gaming, Movies To Follow - S3DHD TVs Coming In June!

Jim here. We know Sony is going full tilt 3D across their product line and now is when it starts to get exciting for the mega electronics and entertainment company!

The 3D firmware update that Sony Playstation 3 owners have been waiting for to enable stereoscopic 3D capabilities has been clarified for us: The update will only enable 3D gaming this time around with the intent to include 3D movies in the coming months.

There is significant urgency for them to include 3D movies ASAP as they are releasing their own CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBALLS in S3D for June (in Europe at least). This coincides with Sony's release of their S3DHD televisions as well (June), namely their HX800.

Consumers will be getting free stuff with their 3D TV purchase: Free 3D Blu-rays (including bundles with CLOUDY and DEEP SEA) and 3D PS3 games. The games that will be included will be demo versions - not the full package, but they will be more than enough to whet your appetites!

Those 3D games will be: WIPEOUT HD, PAIN, SUPER STARDUST HD and MOTORSTORM PACIFIC RIFT. Word is all four demos will be included with purchase. The full versions will be available at the PlayStation Store in mid June.

It's getting hot in here isn't it?
S3D is taking off and we are pretty darn close to those rocket booster flames! Can't wait to get my hands on this tech. I experienced it in Las Vegas at Sony's 3D Experience pavilion @ MGM Grand and let me tell you - it rocks. You have to see it in action yourself!

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