Monday, April 05, 2010

TITANS Ignores Critics - Lands In At Over $60 Million Opening Weekend!

Jim here. Looks like CLASH OF THE TITANS was Kraken the whip this weekend guys! According to Box Office Mojo, TITANS will make an estimated $61.4 million over the holiday, much of which was done by 3D screens - 52% in fact. Not bad considering that it only opened on 1,810 screens (at 1,602 theaters) as many were still occupied with HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON (which still had 2,181 theaters showing it in 3D), ALICE IN WONDERLAND and AVATAR.

TITANS has been taking a hit of late by movie sites and critics for its cheap and fast 3D conversion, but in the end it is the audience that counts.

I was quoted
in the New York Times this weekend about the whole issue and I stuck to my guns: Jim Dorey, editor of, a blog devoted to the medium, ultimately thinks the quickie “Clash” conversion was a mistake. But unlike many technophiles he is not closing the door on the retrofitting process. “If the right money is spent and you take your time, then native 3-D and converted 3-D can both be exceptional,” Mr. Dorey said. “Even when it’s not very well done I suspect most consumers will find it passable.”

I thought that summed it up nicely. I hope there was no serious lasting damage done by the conversion. I will be seeing the movie in both 2D and 3D to compare! Who saw it this weekend and in what format??

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