Friday, May 07, 2010

Yankees - Mariners Games And All Star Game To Be Aired In 3D This Year!

Jim here. If you are in the New York (DirecTV) or Seattle (FSN Northwest) areas, have a new S3DHD TV and love baseball, mark July 10 and 11 on your calendar! The YES Network is producing back to back MLB games in 3D between the Yankees and the Mariners.

Further, Fox Sports and DirecTV will be carrying the MLB All-Star Game in 3D with ESPN covering the home run derby in 3D.

Ed Delaney, YES’s vice president for operations, agreed that 3-D had worked best so far when the cameras were lowest and closest to the action. But, he said, he was pleased that the Anaheim rehearsal showed that the distant center-field camera “showed the depth of the guy on second, the pitcher and the batter.” He said the traditional high home-plate camera would have to shoot through netting, which he did not think would be a serious distraction.

Great news for you new S3DHD TV owners! The more 3D sporting events the better and after having The Masters and an NHL hockey game broadcast in 3D recently, it is great to see it being applied to multiple sports.


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