Sunday, June 27, 2010

3D Geek Alert: Photo Of A Working RED EPIC 3D RIG!!

WOW. Look at how small and maneuverable the new RED EPIC 3D set up from Element Technica is! It weighs in at just about 45 lbs and could be even less if you use EPIC-X batteries instead of the dual RED brick batteries.

If you are familiar with 3D cameras, then you know one of the major challenges is to get around the bulkiness and have flexibility to use the same camera setup for many more shots. With mirror rigs such as this one, weight comes into play a great deal. Mirror rigs are excellent for closeups because you have complete flexibility with your interocular distance settings (distance between lenses). However an issue with beam splitters is about a stop loss in light. With the EPIC however, you have high ISO to make up that difference! Looks like the best of all worlds - and looks stunning.

Of course there is also a fine alternative 3D rig for the EPIC from 3ality Digital.

You are seeing the new RED shoulder mount and handles as well.

Capabilites? How about two Epic cameras with 5K resolution for each eye!

Order a couple of EPICs if you want to stay ahead of the pack...

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