Friday, June 11, 2010

Germs On 3D Glasses! The Sky Is Falling!! Or Not...

Perhaps you have read the sensationalistic headlines lately: "Scary Bacteria Found On 3D Glasses!" (Original story found at Good Housekeeping). Don't be fooled. In most instances, this is a non-story and I am surprised so many media outlets picked it up. I was not going to publish it at all but I have had a few people come to me with the story so I want to set the record straight, at least from MarketSaw's point of view.

The headline and story are blown way out of proportion. Yes there are germs on 3D glasses. These are the same germs that are found EVERYWHERE. That is why we have an immune system that can deal with day to day germs. ABC News at least got it right:

"If you swab the popcorn box, arm rests on the seats, door handles leading into the theater and the coinage you get in change at the concession stand, you'll find the same distribution of germs."

"We could culture many features of our inanimate environment and find entirely similar results."

"Overall, doctors said they felt the study overstated the risk involved in wearing these glasses."

In the end, if you want to wipe out about 95% of the germs that are found on 3D glasses - or anything else for that matter (theater chair arms, popcorn boxes, door handles, etc) - use an alcohol wipe. The same germs are EVERYWHERE. We live with them everyday and there is no need for alarm.

Honestly, what a waste of time and effort for sites to publish this story. Now you know the truth. It would not be a bad idea to carry some wipes with you - I may do that too. But there is no cause for concern for the average moviegoer.

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