Friday, June 18, 2010

Peter Jackson Still Maneuvering To Direct THE HOBBIT

Just heard back from one of my top sources and he confirms that while there is interest being shown in other directors for THE HOBBIT, they are fallback positions in the event that Peter Jackson cannot free himself of other obligations. Other sites have been talking about David Yates or Brett Ratner taking the helm.

Here is my source's words verbatim:
"Peter is in a tricky place, in order for him to go forward in directing, he has to first make sure his obligations are honored or at least put within an all round time frame which will make everyone happy. If not for this, Peter would be signed to shoot as soon as the button is pushed. He wants to do it. He is also aware that he has obligations, but he is in the process of trying to resolve this. Let's think of it as fate, I would be very happy to say he is by far the number one choice. Pending other engagements he will most certainly be directing. Fingers crossed Jim because I for one do not want to see the title directed by David Yates or god forbid Brett Ratner."

So lets all hope Jackson can appease the suits and soon. The world wants Peter Jackson to direct THE HOBBIT - they have always wanted that. November is still the giant target in everyone's mind on the project. Decisions have to be made soon.

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