Thursday, July 29, 2010

THE 3D EXPERIENCE Set To Rock Times Square In September! Registration Opens Next Week!!

Guys - The 3D Experience (in collaboration with THR) is going to be a huge event and right fair in the middle of Times Square! I am heading to New York to cover the 3 day festival that runs September 24 - 26 and I am getting amped!!

Registration opens next week.

There will be a free, open to the public 3D Experience Showroom with thousands of consumers checking out what is brand spanking new in 3D TVs, 3D Movies, 3D Gaming, 3D Cameras and more. The showroom will be located at 226 West 44th Street at the Discovery Times Square Exposition and runs for the length of the festival.

Most of The 3D Experience is focused on the consumer and bringing the public up to speed on all things 3D. 3D movie screenings will be running in conjunction with festival partner AMC Empire 25 (the busiest theater in the nation) right in Times Square.

The VIP and press lounge will be in the NASDAQ MarketSite at 4 Times Square. I will be hanging out here quite a bit in between catching the Sessions and Forum.

The Forum is geared toward 3D industry professionals and press
bringing clarity to 3D on the big screen, at home, 2D to 3D conversions and other timely issues. There will be a panel discussion as well with leading directors, producers and cinematographers.

In addition to the Forum, 3D professionals and press will be able to take part in side by side demonstrations of all the newest 3D TVs.

I love the philosophy of this festival! The 3D Experience is placing a huge emphasis on consumer needs and wants while still presenting extremely compelling professional content. Together the energy will be amazing to watch.

I'll be taking in as many 3D screenings as possible and I am looking forward to making some hard 3D TV comparisons! There is some confusion right now about all the different consumer choices in 3D home theater and of course the whole 2D to 3D conversion issue. I will be covering it all on location in New York so stay tuned! More info coming as their website is updated...

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