Thursday, July 01, 2010

3D Geek Alert: Scorsese's 3D Steadicam Rig For HUGO CABRET And More Info On Just What Cameras He Is Using...

Got a couple of interesting behind the scenes news items for you 3D geeks out there who are following Martin Scorsese's project HUGO CABRET.

First, Andrea from sent me some cool backstage photos (which I always love receiving) which show us 3D steadicam operator Chris Fawcett using a rather interesting 3D rig setup (click for larger images). Note that you can configure the set up for an operator to stand up or sit down as needed. Be sure to click through to 3D-Life for more shots.

As these shots demonstrate
, Scorsese is using a 3D beam-splitter rig (not sure of manufacturer yet) to house two ARRI Alexa cameras used with a steadicam package on a Segway! How cool is that? Makes sense that it would be quite functional too. The Segway would relieve the weight burden of carrying that equipment for the operator.

Second, I recently spoke with Vince Pace who is, as usual, extremely busy.
Pace has been given the contract to supply 3D cameras and expertise for HUGO CABRET. As part of the deal, PACE has taken delivery of the first ARRI Alexa cameras and has 23 more on the way. Yes, you read that right - Scorsese approached PACE for their expertise in shooting 3D and not necessarily their proprietary Fusion 3D cameras that were used for AVATAR. That is not to say that the Fusion cameras are not being used though. To the contrary. More on that in the next post. I am sure you will be very interested...

Very cool to see PACE being tapped for their stereoscopic expertise and not just for their cameras alone. 3ality Digital is experiencing the same industry needs of late and I have pinged them for an update as well. More when I get it!

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