Wednesday, August 25, 2010

CITY OF RUINS In 3D Added To THE 3D EXPERIENCE In Times Square Next Month

The 3D Experience Festival (Sept 24-26 in New York) has just secured an exclusive screening of the short film entitled CITY OF RUINS in 3D for the Executive Forum which will be held Sept 24 at the AMC Empire 25 (Times Square).

The movie short is a simulation of a libertator plane as it flies over the completely devastated Warsaw of 1945. A 30 person team labored 2 years to recreate the city's horrific aftermath of World War II.

If you have not seen it with your own eyes, isolated photos from the time of the war will not convey it. It is only the film that truly reveals what Warsaw looked like just after the war had ended and from what kind of ruins it was raised.

MarketSaw is a Media Sponsor for this must-see, international 3D event. I will be covering the festival in detail! It will be interesting to see this short on the big screen, solemn as it is.

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