Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Tim Burton's FRANKENWEENIE is being pushed back (not surprising looking at Burton's workload) from 2011 to a March 9, 2012 release.

The movie is based on the comedic horror short that Burton made in 1984 while a film school student. The story centers on a man who brings his dog back to life after it is killed by a car.

THR reports that FRANKENWEENIE will no longer be a live action film but will use stop-motion (similar to CORALINE) and will be in black and white.

JOHN CARTER OF MARS has a release date now: June 8, 2012.

From Academy Award-winning filmmaker Andrew Stanton (FINDING NEMO, WALL-E), JOHN CARTER OF MARS brings this captivating hero to the big screen in a stunning adventure epic set on the wounded planet of Mars, a world inhabited by warrior tribes and exotic desert beings. Based on the first of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ “Barsoom Series,” the film chronicles the journey of Civil-War veteran John Carter, who finds himself battling a new and mysterious war amidst a host of strange Martian inhabitants, including Tars Tarkas and Dejah Thoris.

Both movies will be in Disney Digital 3D.

Great to finally have confirmation on JOHN CARTER being 3D. I was fairly certain FRANKENWEENIE would be. JOHN CARTER should be a huge, tentpole release for Disney and I expect TRON-like marketing for it in the coming year. Something to be excited about!

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