Friday, September 10, 2010

MUST WATCH: New SAW 3D Trailer!

This week has seen a couple of trailers come out for 3D movies already and now a third: SAW 3D. Lionsgate is taking a different tact this time and are running with a trailer quite reminiscent of the MY BLOODY VALENTINE 3D trailers that emphasized the gimmicky nature of horror in 3D - and I love it!

Interesting piece of trivia: In the very first opening shot of this trailer, take note of the condo building (Symphony Place) in the top right just above that roundish building (Roy Thomson Hall in Toronto) - I used to live there! 14th floor. Kinda creepy seeing it in this fashion - a SAW movie... :-)

Gimmicky 3D has its place today and that is horror. I don't want to see it anywhere else, but for horror? Amp it up. Lionsgate is doing just that!

So check out the new trailer for SAW 3D:

Love where the whole audience gets the Jigsaw treatment! Personally I think Lionsgate is marketing this thing correctly. Good luck guys!

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