Saturday, October 23, 2010

Our New STAR WARS Trilogy Story Is Backed Up: Other Website Claiming As Their Own

Well what can you expect from That site has had a very deceitful past and they seem to be carrying on with deceit.

IESB has claimed to have an exclusive story that there is a new STAR WARS trilogy coming down the pipes.

Ummm no. MarketSaw had that exclusive story A YEAR AGO. We are still working on that story and have some exciting news hopefully coming down soon. Our sources are the best in the world and I will defend them and this site anytime.

Getting over the fact that IESB has stolen this story, I am very excited about what is developing over at Lucasfilm. As I said, I can't divulge what I have been working on yet because it is very, VERY hush hush. Other than letting you know I have heard it will be in 3D and that George Lucas is more than likely producing and not directing, I can't go much further on the story today.

If you will remember Steve Sansweet of Lucasfilm tried to cover up my story last year but in reality most STAR WARS fans know that they tend to cover up true stories with lies as they have in the past.

So, keep it tuned to MarketSaw for the latest on this huge, HUGE story.

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